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Movement & Meditation

Join Brandon Klein and Shelby Levin for Movement & Meditation at Drake Park in West Bloomfield. On Sunday, June 10th from 1-2 pm, we will take part in an afternoon of fitness, movement, contemplative journaling, guided meditation and group discussion.

About Shelby Levin:

Shelby Levin, M.S.W., L.L.M.S.W. earned his B.A. in Psychology from Michigan State University, and his M.S.W. from Wayne State University. With his background as a certified personal trainer, Shelby helps clients build strong bodies and strong minds. He believes that a therapist and personal trainer must build solid, trusting relationships with his or her patients in order to have a successful therapeutic experience. Through empathetic and reflective listening, kindness, and careful attention to feelings, Shelby is able to give his patients the tools to empower themselves, in order for these individuals to build tough legs to stand on, emotionally, as well as physically. Shelby welcomes children, adults, and families who seek to improve and strengthen their minds, bodies, and relationships.