To Whom it May Concern

To Whom It May Concern,

I ask you to plead to my call. I ask you to rise up with strength. I ask you, my friend, to listen to me with ease. You are on this journey, and you are ready.  It is time that you step in to your power and rise up with glee. Open your heart for the world is yours. You know what you're meant to do, just hear the call and follow.  

Open your vibration, you are dandy and swift. The call of the choir is in the ringing of your ear.  Listen my child, listen proudly, listen loudly. For the call is yours and the time is now. When you become scared of what potential you see, always ask yourself if you're thinking in alignment with me. It is not meant to be scary, I'm waiting to embrace you. With open arms, my heart extends to you.

Hear my calling and rise with me, child. The time is now and your voice needs to be loud.  I ask you to stand tall in what you know to be true.  The calling of love is one meant for you.  I'll be awaiting you when you're ready, I just ask that you trust now so you'll be more steady.  Steady in standing, steady in honor.  My call is yours to bring you to places of yonder. 

Rise with me now, answer my calling.  Trust in me child, for I am your loving.  I am what you are, you are what I am. Together we rise in love until the end. For endings don't exist and I am eternal, that makes you, too, a gift of my circle.  A circle of love, a circle of life.  You are what I am, you are my dear life.  I love you completely, I love you wholly.  Rise with me, child; I will walk with you on this journey.

-Eternally yours.

Marisa Conte