You Don't Have to Be a Six-Figure Business Owner to be Successful

When I entered the spiritual entrepreneurial world, all I wanted to do was help people. I wanted to give them the most amazing experience with me. I wanted to change their lives. I wanted to give, give, give, and turn people on to the most amazing light of the Universe, and I did that. And I was compensated for. I felt fulfilled. I felt delighted to work.

As I started to evolve more as a business owner, my network expanded. My newsfeed became filled with lightworkers, coaches, healers, psychics, business owners. I loved it. I still love it. I love having this at my fingertips, it's great.

However, as all of these people began showing up, so did the posts about 5 figure months, 6 figure months, 7 figure years, 6 figure business owners, etc., etc., etc.. It was hard to ignore, and even harder not to be allured into the ideas of what money can do for another.

I became so tempted and I wanted to know why everyone was sharing so much about the beauty of having all of this money. So I enrolled in courses, trainings, read books, did all this stuff to tell me about money manifestation- because let's face it, endless money is pretty fucking amazing. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. And who really doesn't want that?

Now I want to give you a snippet of what my relationship to money was before all of this: I never thought about it. I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I always got what I put my mind to. I always bought whatever I wanted to buy. I didn't check prices, I didn't sale shop. I allowed myself to indulge in what I truly wanted because I innately believed that I can have what I want, whenever I want and money wasn't going to stand in the way of the outcome that I desired. I was doing all of the manifestation things without having to take courses to deepen my awareness, and it worked, every time.

I traveled often, I ate delicious expensive healthy food, I bought clothes I felt good in. I lived in beautiful apartments. I didn't worry about where I was getting this source of revenue from, and it didn't matter-- because everything I wanted was being given to me because I trusted that I could have it. And it showed up for me, every single time because I did not have one lick of doubt and because I was living in my happy dandy truth, and wouldn't shut up about it in my conversations with others.

One time, I wanted to go to a very expensive retreat for a week because it was with a top spiritual teacher that I deeply looked up to. I didn't have the money in my bank account the day I wanted to buy my seat, but I knew with all of my heart and soul that I was going. I believed in it sooooo much that I literally got REFUNDED $11,000 from something I didn't even sign up for. It showed up in my bank account the day I was supposed to make the payment for the retreat. I used that money to get me into one of the best events that I've ever been to. And this was BEFORE I even started to submerge myself in all of this money manifestation work.

So, fast forward to all these ads popping up on my screen and people relentlessly sharing about their income- I became curious. Naturally, when you become curious about something, you start to care. I became VERY curious about all of this six figure stuff and started to change what I was doing that was clearly working so well for me. When people talk on the same subject over and over and over again and the people you are connected with all start to join in on the conversation, it's hard to escape. It engulfs you.

I began defining success with how much money was in my bank account. And let me tell you- it made me feel like absolute shit. I was trying to understand the importance of becoming a six figure business owner because it was plastered everywhere I looked-- and apparently, to be "successful"- that's what you "need" to have. And, every time I didn't hit an income goal, I absolutely hated myself because I didn't think I felt good enough. I was doing things because I needed to make money; not because I needed to help people, and that's when I fell into a wormhole I didn't enjoy being in.

I started focusing my attention on healing money beliefs that never even crossed my mind before....I focused on my non existent negative relationship with money so much that I actually created a negative relationship with money. It's all I thought about.

Then, I wanted to find the golden ticket to financial prosperity. I wanted to sit in my channelings and ask my guides and Source what the secret ingredient was to financial success and then heal it. It was a wake up call. A big one. Do you want to know what answers I got...every time???

I got that the best and quickest way to have true Abundance is to be in oneness with Source, to trust that you are always compensated for. I was told that our relationship to Abundance has absolutely NOTHING to do with money, and that money is only a bonus that comes from being in alignment.

We are already limitless beings, we already have whatever we want and more. Whether there is a big fat zero in your bank account or multiple millions in your bank account- it doesn't change who you are, what you are capable of, and how powerful your energy is-- you are abundant, very fucking abundant, ALWAYS. Even if you can't see it.

I was also told that the best way to have actual success and feel fulfilled has absolutely nothing to do with a six figure year or 5-figure months. It has to do with the balance between giving and receiving energies.

You want to receive something in return for your amazing work? Then give something back to others of equal value. Stand in your light. Help others. Show up for whoever needs you and GIVE.

As lightworkers, that is what we come here to do. We come here to shine the light on others and give others meaning and purpose. We are meant to give because we are well-endowed in light, and when we are well-endowed in light, we are abundant. And when we are abundant- we can have whatever we want to make us happy because we are standing in our TRUE power. And that's when we can receive back from the Universe. That's when unexpected checks show up. That's when magical opportunities present themselves. That's when you can do all of the things you want to do, because you're just living in your natural state of bliss.

Success for a lightworker has nothing to do with money. It has nothing to do with being a six figure business owner. Success is equally intertwined with how show up for yourself, your oneness with Truth, and how you give to others, and how open you are to receiving. That's it.

It's simple. It's not complex like we make it out to be. I'm not saying that you can't be a six figure business owner or that you're not allowed to make 5-figure months anymore. All of that money already exists in truth and has nothing to do with who you are. Who you are is an amazing beautiful soul here to bless the planet with your own unique gorgeous truth, and your truth is separate from your income.

When you embrace THE Truth, you become one with what Truth has to offer YOU. 

Marisa Conte