Five Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition

Throughout my entire life, I had been blessed with a very prominent gift: my intuition.  It has led me to every endeavor I have ever partook in and has saved me when I was approaching danger.  My intuition doubles as my best friend and saving grace.  It is how I connect to Source energy.

If you’ve been looking to raise your intuitive awareness, I’m going to share with you some of my quick and easy tips to fully tap in.

1. Trust your gut.  

This is your initial instinct.  When you let your body guide you, you let spirit come through.  Our bodies react before our minds have a chance to think over the situation.  What our body says first is our intuition.  You can recognize these feelings as pains in the gut when something is wrong or the heart feeling lots of love when something is right.  I feel excitement when something is going to challenge me in a positive way and detached or anxiety in the chest when something doesn’t seem to fit. Listen to your body before you react to something, let it speak to you.

2. Automated writing.  

This step is perfect for you if you’re looking for a long, detailed answer. Writing is key to developing a relationship with your intuition.  Set an intention before you pick up your pen and paper.  Is there a certain question you’re looking to answer?  Close your eyes and hold this intention or question in your heart and let it travel up into your mind’s eye.  When it reaches your mind’s eye, ask your angels and guides to connect you to your higher self for more clarity.  Journal immediately after. Let the pen flow freely and do not hold back from what you are receiving.  The more open you are, the more answers come through.

3. Meditation.  

Meditation is always a great way to receive answers because when we allow ourselves to enter into a relaxed state, we forgo any attachment we have toward an outcome.  In the midst of meditation, you begin to create space for your mind to open.  Whenever I approach meditation for clarity or to tap into my intuition, I set an intention. “I choose to see things differently. Guides, show me the way.”  Sometimes my answers come through with words, sometimes my answers come through with pictures, sometimes my answers even come through with fears.  Whatever it is that I see, I trust that it is right and guiding me into harmony with my intuition.

4. Trust.  

This one is huge.  The second you allow yourself to trust in the answers you receive, you allow your connection to Source to endlessly prevail.  When you trust in your intuition, you actually send out signals to the Universe that you are open to receiving accurate information.  The more crazy the situation and the more trust backing what you see, the more it strengthens your intuition.  I’ve tapped into some "insane" things and admitted to people my visions about them- I was right, every time. Don't feel like a lunatic, you are most likely right.

5. Start now.  

Many people think that just because they weren’t born with a psychic gift, they don’t have the ability to “tap-in.” This is false.  Every single person on this planet has the ability to receive divine information through his or her intuition.  Know this.  Remember this.  Feel this. Believe this. Trust this.  When you believe in yourself, you open the door to endless possibilities.  You can activate your intuition by simply trusting that you are a divinely intuitive being.

And remember: Don’t hold back. You got this.

Marisa Conte