Beginning My Path to Spirituality

I have started to explore the depths of spirituality as my mindset has shifted throughout my years in college. College gets extremely stressful, and at times makes me feel very down and upset, but this summer I hit a low in my mindset and overall view in life. 

This was both a mental and physical challenge, but as I continued my spiritual journey, I realized how going with the flow of life and truly accepting “the now” has gotten me out of circuits of habit. 

These habit cycles or circuits can completely ruin an individual’s mental well-being, as we tend to get “stuck” in where to go in life. 

I am going to start off this entry with my Mom’s biggest piece of advice: 

“Appreciate everything you have, and be in the moment.”

These are powerful words, and truly encompass a lot of spiritual and Buddhist principles. 

I will first talk about appreciating everything you have. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Your shoes, your clothes, your toothbrush, phone, computer, etc. Ever thank your shoes from getting you from point A to point B? How about the electricity that charges your phone or the water that comes out of the shower head?

We take things for granted all the time. Not that we should shame ourselves for that, this is a very human thing to do. But once we take a step back and realize the beauty of life and existence itself, it truly changes your attitude towards life. 

The world around us is an incredible thing, the concept of the universe and existence itself always amazes me. I can’t believe how life is made and humans live and survive in what we call Earth. We are just all a part of the process - we have socially constructed our planet in a way that seems most functional to us. We are guided by our intuition and whatever seems right, we go with. 

What is crazy about all of this, though, is that humanity has completely constructed our realities and how we get through life. We manifest our intentions - how we perceive is how we believe. And this is how I have tackled some of my vices, including mental and physical health. This will be in the next post. 

For now, I am still learning a lot from this new way of thinking. Every day is a new day and a battle in itself, but I am pushing forward as best as I can. 

Katelyn Wilensky