Hi there, I’m Brandon

  • I focus on helping you develop a new relationship with your thoughts.

  • I love integrating journaling and other forms of creativity into practice.

  • I wish to help you live a more conscious lifestyle.

  • I enjoy playing guitar, writing poetry, and reading books.


My Start in Meditation

Meditation and I found each other in a fascinating way. During my sophomore year at the University of Michigan, I took a Contemplative Practices course taught by Dr. Martha Travers. What stuck with me most from the class was what Martha taught us to do with thoughts when they arose during meditation. Meditation, and Martha’s class in particular, has taught me that there is a middle ground between ignoring the presence of thought and believing every thought as pure truth. Meditation was about rewiring my brain to respond to thoughts in a more equanimous manner.


Thoughts are fleeting, “good” or “bad,” but we are ultimately in charge of how we respond.